Wednesday, September 15, 2010

anyone read this?

'nother from boston.

also, decided i'd try my hand at a rotary. it was a complete mindfuck to make cause i had to throw out everything i knew about machine building. only thing thats the same is the tube vise.

works wonderfully though.

new footswitch i made on monday night. i plan on making some more like it if any professional tattooers would like one...

also new painting from last night.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


boston was sick! i got a ton of prints, and original from jason scott at congress st (me and josh will be guest spotting there in spring!)
sold all my footswitches the first day (wish i had made more)
also sold 5 out of 6 machines that i brought with me. and everyone that got a footswitch or a machine off me came back to the booth numerous times to let me know how well they were working from them. so that felt pretty awesome.

also did some fun tattoos, i still have more to upload, but heres a few off my facebook. (add it if you haven't